The Online Program Teaches Kids
To Read, Write And Comprehend.

ASD Reading Is The Reading Program For Children With
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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ASD Reading is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Marion Blank, a world-renowned literacy and language expert who developed and served as Co-Director of the Columbia University Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program for Autism and Related Disorders.

Dr. Bradley PetersonKeck
School Of Medicine, USC

Dr. Blank is a brilliant developmental psychologist. She understands child development, particularly the development of language and reading abilities in children. Her reading program is unique.

Arlene Maidman

Dr. Blank's program had a tremendous impact on our daughter, Julia's, language. Julia is autistic and the program readily engages her. It's amazing how a system dealing with the complexities of language can be so simple for children to follow!

Catherine Smith

ASD Reading is a daily necessity in my special education classroom. It represents a major evolution in the teaching of reading and writing for children on the spectrum. Thank you for this incredible program.

It requires no prerequisite skills - all children can use the program-even those who are non-verbal.

It uses graphics, audio and animation extensively to reinforce meaning.

It links written and spoken language so that one mirrors and reinforces the other.

It provides customized instruction that adapts to each child's specific skills and needs.

It systematically assesses a child's skills and overcomes error patterns and difficulties.